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List of Best seo tips and tricks to promote website


Learn SEO Techniques 

On this page we have compiled the list of best seo tips and tricks  for search engine optimization ( SEO ) so that you may consider these tips when building a website in any case. Peoples are crazy to learn SEO for getting free huge traffic. We find the list of best SEO learning websites, tutorials, pdf, books, YouTube & articles on the various top search engines. Google always publish best SEO learning resources, including  Google Webmaster Guidelines, Webmaster Tools, Webmaster Central blog, and  discussion forum that can provide you information about how to make seo friendly website. For our readers we have composed and compiled free best online SEO learning tips and tricks in order to how to learn seo step by step though ictreview.

If the search engine optimization for Google to be cumbersome and time consuming for you, despite the SEO tips, then you prefer to leave the work for a professional SEO (search engine optimization).

What is SEO: SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a process or technique … More Read SEO

Step by Step Learn SEO Techniques:

  • Firstly you select a domain name that makes sense and contains your desired keywords.
  • Make your website for visitors and not for the search engine.
  • Focus on search engine optimization on your main competence and check your Competitors.
  • Flash pages don’t get indexed appropriately by search engines, because the bots of the search engines can’t read flash content.
  • Use user friendly SEO URLs. Users and search engines both likes accurate and readable URLs.
  • Write properly title and description tags.
  • USE your main content headlines on the website with the HTML tags h1.
  • Use unique and precise title (title tag). The Title Tag is importance because it is the heading of the results in the SERPs (search engine result pages).
  • Make sure that best SEO title tag should be no more than 65-70 characters in length including spaces.
  • Place a “robots.txt” file on your root directory. This file tells the search engines spiders ( bot) which pages they will crawl for index or not.
  • You should optimize your website for faster browsing experience.  Fasters sites make for a greater user experience and improve your ranking on search engines.
  • Text links are always better than buttons or images with links usually for SEO.
  • Create a site map so that search engines can find all the pages quickly. Best sitemap generator is XML Sitemap.
  • Try to use alt tag for images which provides alternative information for an image.
  • Do not confuse the PageRank of other web sites. There are many cases where a web page with a lower PageRank with high PageRank in the SERPs of search engines on other websites.
  • Make sure that your site with and without “www” in the URL is reachable and that only one state is displayed.
  • Content is King. The content should be unique, simple and relative to your website. Unique content is always better for SERP.