There are many tips for writing a successful blog. Everyday a huge number of blogs are coming on the internet, it can be hard to differentiate your blog from all of the others.  Before making a new blog or redesigning your existing blog, you have to think that how to make a popular and successful blog in order to grab your visitors attention and find your niche in the blogging community. Lets start to make your own blog by using the most popular 2 free softwares – Blogspot and WordPress. Here are some tips on how to start a successful blog:

  • Firstly you have to select your blog topic and then you can consider your hosting place blogger, WordPress and also have tumbler whatever you like.
  •  It is important that you should care about your blogging theme and transcript. Many readers may prefer short texts than long texts. And also your writing must be authentic, interesting, useful and clear to understand.  The readers will thank you.
  •  To attention your visitors, you can apply impressive and valuable way to arrange some competitions, quiz or something exciting gifts that is not currently offering other blogs or follow another popular blog what they do to collect its visitors.
  •  Another important tips for successful blog is short paragraph.  A text with many paragraphs is easier to read than a text without commas and a paragraph rather too much than too little. Professionals say three sentences per paragraph, not more. And the best is, the rates are still short.
  •  Headlines are the most important thing a reader first sees and also appears in the search result. If it is not good, unclear or dull, your visitors will not be interested to read the rest of the text. So always be alert to write an exciting headline.
  •  You can offer to all your members or readers to post their images or texts on your blog. If you want to prevent unwanted post on your blog then you can keep right to edit or delete any post which is not related your blog.
  •  A blogroll is an important list of links to other websites or blogs. You can create such a recommendation list and maintain this list. Other bloggers will see this and – if all goes well – you also will be recommended.
  •  If your blog is popular, almost every day your readers will find a new post in your blog. So, always try to post something. Not necessary daily or ever alternative day even several times a day to write a new blog post. However, you should keep in mind that your readers may always find a new posts in your blog.
  •  A blog can be a good communicating way between readers and bloggers. Blogger maintains a live chat with its readers, read their comments and responds to them. A blogger can open a live chat to discuss with its readers to collect their opinion and therefore, you will see that the more you discuss with your readers, the more successful your blog will be.
  •  Be patient and Stay tuned your blog! Every successful and widely read blog has devoted hard work and spent long time. It will takes several months to build a popular blog.  So do not be disappointed if you do not have enough readers after the first month.
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