The software industry is exploding. The technology industry is widely regarded as one of the best-paying industry world over. Here are top 10 highest-paying job titles in the technology industry in the US.

  1. Executive VP (tech), CTO or CIO

Topping the list is executive VP, CTO and CIOs. Usually among those at the top of management hierarchy, the men/women holding these job titles earn an average annual salary of $150,314.

  1. Engineering manager

Next on the list are engineering managers. Heading a team of developers and other executives, there average annual salary in the US is $143,122.

  1. Enterprise level services developer

These are usually the guys who make software for the big businesses. So, not doubt they command big money. The average annual salary of enterprise level services developer is the US is $121,908.

  1. Mobile developer

Apple’s iOS is one of the hottest operating systems in the world. No doubt then that developers working on the operating system powering idevices are much in demand. Their annual average salary, according to the Stackflow survey, is $115,460.

  1. Data scientist

Data scientist is widely touted to be one of the hottest job titles of 2016. These big data crunchers earn an average annual salary of $115,244.

  1. Developer with statistics or mathematics background

Developers with statistics or mathematics background too have high demand in the US. The survey pegs their annual salary at $111,656.

  1. Embedded application developer

Embedded applications are going ubiquitous. With Iot a rage world over, there’s little surprise that embedded application developers command high salaries. According to the survey, the average annual salary of an embedded application developer is $110,899.

  1. DevOps

A relatively new term, DevOps combines ‘developer’ and ‘operations’. In the last few years, the demand for people with DevOps skills is growing rapidly. Stackflow survey pegs annual salary of DevOps guys at $109,641.

  1. Back-end web developers

The back end of a website comprises server, applications, database and more. Back-end developers are the guys who build and maintain and run these technologies. $108,580 is the average salary of back-end web developers, according to the survey.

  1. Mobile developers

Mobile apps are hot. Since the rise of smartphones, mobile developers have been named as the hottest job title by several surveys. StackFlow survey pegs the annual salary earned by mobile developers at $104,648.