beat SmartPhone Addiction

One of the most common habits we see nowadays is someone who constantly has their phone with them, be it in hand or on a strap. There are even those people that type away and play games while they look at other screens!

Let’s face it, most people are addicted to their phones these days! Not only are they glued to them for social media purposes but many have cash riding on the fact that they can score free apps throughout the day. People have even been known to drop hundreds of dollars on apps not realizing that they can get them for free!

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are addicted to their devices and these 3 steps will show you how to beat the addiction!

1. Use each app only once every 2 days or even better yet, one a week.

2. Create daily goals and only use the apps that you must use to complete those goals and nothing more unless it is part of your weekly goal.

3. Place your phone on a table, counter or other area so you can see it when needed but far enough away so you won’t play on it while trying to accomplish something important.

When you stop using your phone as an obsession and start using it for what it’s really good at, like keeping track of time or providing information about where things are located around town- then the savings don’t end there. You’ll also have more free minutes in which to do other things with friends!

These 3 steps go to show that you don’t have to be glued to your phone and can use it as a tool instead of an obsession.