best sports streaming service

With the popularity of sports today, and the virtuality that we are subject to due to recent world events, many different streaming services have been formed within the past few years. You may think of Netflix when it comes to streaming services and you are not wrong in thinking this, but today we will be discussing the best streaming service when it comes to sports specifically.

What is streaming service: Sports streaming services are anything that lets you watch sports online from your phone or computer instead of a television.

How many Sports streaming services are there? Some of your other options include over-the-air antenna, Sling TV, Hulu live sports, ESPN+, YouTube TV, NFL Game Pass, and MLB.TV. As you can imagine, MLB.TV and NFL Game Pass are only for those two sports specifically.

Which is the best Sports streaming service: On the other hand, those streaming services are for all sports. Keep in mind that over-the-air antenna is not a streaming service but is just your normal television. Out of this list specifically we recommend ESPN+ but it tends to be a costly service.

Sling TV offers three plan options, but, to get the most sports channels, you’d want the priciest one ($45 a month) with an add-on sports package ($15 a month).

YouTube TV is loaded with pro and college sports channels, and you can add on FOX Soccer Plus and NBA League pass to up your football and basketball coverage.

Hulu + Live TV’s channel lineup includes the basics of sports with ESPN, FOX, and NBC networks, as well as college sports with Big Ten, CBS Sports, and a few others.

Why fuboTV is the best Sports streaming service: If you’re willing to pay for it, fuboTV can give you more sports channels than any other streaming service—including some you’ve never heard of, unless you’re really into soccer.

Your best overall sports live streaming service is fuboTV, so we highly recommend you choose this one if you get the choice and it will cost you $54.99 a month!