As a freelancer, you can earn money by writing content on any topic for websites and magazines. Searching the internet for thousands of websites where they pay people to write articles and blog posts- it’s not easy but if one tries then he/she will find this job offers some interesting opportunities online!

Here are three places that offer publishing platforms:

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Freelance Mom: This is the best website for moms! Here You can write content on Highly personal articles, Highly researched articles and Education based articles (guides). The pay rates vary depending upon what type of article you write but usually range from $ 75 -100 per piece (or more).

Money Crashers: This website is looking for talented writers who can pen articles on topics like money management, cryptocurrency trading and investment tips. They are willing to pay $ 100-$300 per article depending upon its quality of workmanship!

Green Prints “The Weeder’s Digest: This is another website to make money by writing article online. So, if you are an expert on gardening and have some knowledge to share with the world then get ready because here comes another opportunity! It pays up handsomely (between $100 and $150) if your content is good enough – which means they want more than just press release-quality material.”

By following these three websites, you can start making money online. So many people are looking for a quick buck that there is no shortage of websites promising you one. However if your goal is to make money as an author and not just submit articles or blog entries then write-ups need more than just being well crafted with good grammar. The quality of your articles must be good and have patience to really succeed with this!