Recently there has been an increased demand for people to put a method to their madness and actually start making money from their Facebook activity. However, another way of monetizing content is through the proper use of influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have a large following in social media that brands can pay for them to post about their products. The key influencers in Facebook are group admins . If someone creates a group about a certain topic, the group has the potential to go viral, especially if it’s well managed.

The interesting thing about this is that people who join groups are far more likely to engage with the content. So how do you create a successful Facebook group to endorse your products? Here are four ways to help grow your audience:

1. Join existing communities that would be interested in your product, and leave thoughtful comments. This will get people to follow you back, which creates an audience to launch ads into. When someone finds your group and finds valuable information in the comments, they’ll go ahead and click on the “Join Group” button.

2. Consider launching a private or secret group rather than an open one. If you’re selling a product, it might be to your advantage to do this as people may not be comfortable sharing their personal details such as email addresses without a level of trust or formality. Having a secret group will ensure that only those serious about your product join.

3. Create a specific and targeted cover photo for your group . People want to see what’s going on before they click the “Join Group” button, especially if it’s an open group where anyone can join.

4. Keep the group’s page fresh with regular posts that are related to your product, and ask people to invite their friends. This will help grow the member count faster by expanding upon the viral effect of having over 10,000 members in a Facebook group . When a user feels a sense of community, they’re more likely to join and contribute. And there you have it!

In conclusion, I advise creating open a group because you get quality content from real people in your field. Remember, it takes time to grow your email list. Patience is key!