increase adsense revenue

If you are one of those publishers who are wondering how to increase CPC of your Adsense ads, then this article is just for you. We have very carefully collected all the information which you would need to know before trying any method of increasing CPC rate. Please note that it is not possible to increase or decrease more than 100% in a day so don’t try to test anything which is very high as it might trigger a filter in Google. Google Adsense policies are always changing and there are certain things which you can do today but they will be filtered by tomorrow.

However, increasing Adsense CPC (cost per click) is an art, there are some tricks which we can apply on our websites in order to get more clicks and increase revenue.

Improve Your Website: You have to improve your website in order to get more clicks. You can do that by keep adding good content on your blog, updating it, watching the user experience. By doing this properly, you will definately get more ad clicks and increase AdSense CPC.

Best practices for ad placement: AdSense automatically places ads on your website, but you can manually place them. If you put the ads at wrong place then it will be an additional reason for visitors to leave your site and they won’t come back until you fixed that problem. Pay attention to the ad placement!

Google Analytics Account: If you don’t have a Google account for your website, you should consider getting one. By having this account you will be able to track your website traffic, what users are doing on your site, which page they prefer and how much time they spend on each article.

Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly: Another way for increasing AdSense CPC and CTR is by making your site mobile friendly. If you have a mobile version of your website or responsive theme, you will be able to target mobile users as well and this can lead to an increase in AdSense revenue.

Add widgets from top ad networks: Adding more and more number of ad units from various top rated ad networks will definitely increase Adsense revenue and CPC. Don’t stick only to one network, try many or best suitable ad units from various top rated ad networks.

Use The Right Keywords: If you want to earn more from Adsense, you have to use the right keywords on your page. Don’t use wrong or too many keywords because it will be another reason for visitors to leave your site and they won’t come back until you fixed that problem.

Use The Right Title And Description: Google gives a lot of importance to title & description of each article. Make sure that your title & description are relevant to the content. In order to get more clicks from AdSense make sure that you use the right keywords in your meta tags.

Increase website Speed: The loading time of your site is an important factor for adsense as well. In order to get more clicks from Adsense, you have to make your website load faster and improve its overall performance on all devices! To increase the speed of your blog we recommend WP Rocket , one of the best wordpress plugin to boost your website speed.

Keep Your Site Alive: In order to increase clicks from AdSense, you have to keep your site alive. Make more posts and don’t let it die because people come for fresh content and if they don’t find any update on your website, they will leave your blog.

Understand Your Target Audience: The final way for increasing AdSense CPC and CTR is by understanding your target audience. Try to study who are the people who visit your site, what do they like or dislike, how old are they and so on.This will lead to a better targeting of ads which can bring more relevant results for both you and Google.

In order to do this, you have to study your competitors as well and look at the most profitable keywords for them. This way you will be able to find best keywords for your website as well and start earning more money from AdSense.