That’s a question many new YouTubers ask themselves. The most common answer to that is mail, mail, and mail again. But there are other ways to get the viewer count up without actually spending money on ads like Facebook or Google Adwords. In this article, I will share with you some methods to increase YouTube views by yourself.

Creating the right kind of content!

First of all, if you create low-quality content, nobody will watch it. But creating a good quality video doesn’t mean that people will automatically watch them. So you have to promote your channel and videos to get more viewers fast.

Promote your channel and videos on social media!

Find more people to watch your videos by sharing them on internet forums, Facebook groups, or Twitter. You can also share your video’s link via email with all of the people in your contact list!. In addition, there are a lot of websites that allow you to create posts, and they will share it with all of their followers.

Ask people to like and subscribe!

This is another way to increase youtube views by asking your friends, family, or the group you’ve shared your video on to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can even make a little “promotion video” where you tell them why they should check out your channel and what kinds of videos you create.

Use hashtags!

Using the right hashtags is very important as well. You can find those by checking out what other people in your niche are using, or if you want to promote videos about a product, for example, go on Amazon and look at their top-selling items and check out what people search for when they want to find one of those items. Hashtags are a great way to get more YouTube views on your videos!

Organically, step by step!

Ask people you don’t know personally yet if they could watch your video and share it with their friends as well. Don’t forget that creating high-quality content is the most important thing you should do.

Collaborating with other YouTube channels!

Maybe you can find another YouTuber who has a similar viewership as yours and is willing to collaborate? That means that both of your audiences will be combined in order to reach even more viewers.

Don’t give up!

If your video doesn’t get watched first, don’t give up! Instead, keep trying to promote it and reach out to people who might want to watch your videos as well. And if you keep doing that with every video, you won’t ever need to worry about not having views on your videos.

Of course, these are just basic ways of increasing your viewers, but you can be more creative than this. Try various methods and see which one gives the best results for your YouTube videos. It might take some time before you get enough views but remember that it’s much better than having no viewers at all!