Thanks to technological advances, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can now create professional-looking videos using nothing more than the software they can download for free. Unfortunately, however, this ease of access, while opening up the wonderful potential for new content creators on YouTube, has also opened a floodgate of people throwing any old garbage onto YouTube’s website hoping to make a quick buck in advertising revenue with no regard for the quality of their content or how it might affect the site.

However, This is where we can help you make money on your youtube videos through Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank and Google Adsense.

Clickbank: ClickBank is a vast online marketplace where Internet Marketers pay to display their products on other people’s websites. When someone, like yourself, uploads videos to YouTube and wants to show ads on the pages of their video (to make money), they can sign up with ClickBank and join an affiliate network that will pay them when someone views or clicks on an ad they’ve placed in their video content. It’s that simple. And the cost? You can join for free, and then there are no other fees or charges to worry about whatsoever!

Websites like YouTube sometimes use how your video is doing on their site as a way to make recommendations of videos you might be interested in watching next. These recommendations come from an algorithm they’ve designed (an algorithm is a way an artificial intelligence makes decisions – like how Netflix recommends what to watch next) that considers everything from your interests, age, gender, and even the other videos you’re watching at any given time.

However, despite using this algorithm to try and serve up good recommendations for each user on their site – it doesn’t always work. This is where Google Adsense comes in!

Adsense: With Adsense, you can show ads on your videos that will appear when someone views or clicks on a video. The beauty of using Adsense in conjunction with YouTube’s algorithm is that it helps keep people watching more and more videos from YOUR channel. And the better you do at keeping viewers engaged, the better your videos will do on YouTube. For example, if you’re watching a video on YouTube and an ad pops up that’s relevant to what you’re watching – it’s highly likely you’ll click on it.

How much money can I make with these methods?

Well, how much work are you willing to put in? While both methods can generate a lot of money, they’re both completely FREE to begin with, and require you to invest some time learning how everything works. Once you’ve done that – the sky’s the limit! However, if our experiences are anything to go by, we averaged around $10-$20 US each day from both methods combined after less than a month.

What you need to begin:

Nothing! While both methods for making money through YouTube rely on either showing ads on your videos or placing ads directly within the body of your video, they don’t require you to spend any money upfront. You can sign up with ClickBank and Google Adsense for free and start uploading videos right away.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone with a computer or smartphone has access to unlimited information in their pockets at any given time throughout the day; all they need is an Internet connection.

However, despite the fact that most people today have access to this valuable source of information – most will never have the time or dedication it takes to learn how to use these tools and gain a good understanding of how everything works. This is where we can help you gain a better understanding of how Internet marketing works, what’s involved in making money from this industry, and more importantly – teach you how to make money from YouTube videos easily!

Thank you again for reading this article.