Have you ever wanted to work from home, but don’t have the qualifications or skill set to do so? With the advent of internet, people are now using various strategies to earn money from home. As a result, various avenues of online income have been created.

One way is through social media. Social media sites are one of the most popular ways to earn money online at home. Today’s article will be talking about how one can use social media websites to earn money while working from home.

Freelancing: is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. There are several websites that offer job opportunities based on the skills of freelancers. There you have to open an account and apply for the job according to your skills. These sites include fiverr, Guru, Toptal, Upwork and . Here you can earn from 5 to 100 dollars per hour.

Website Advertisement: You can make money by creating a website and displaying advertisements there. The more traffic or visitors to the website, the higher the revenue.The most common type of site with ads is Google’s AdSense where you can apply for it online. This application process is pretty easy; however, they do need some verification before you get an ad code . When Google ads start showing on the site and clicks on it, then the revenue will start coming.

Here are some points to remember when you apply for Google AdSense, do not publish scraped or copyrighted content.There are a variety of AdSense alternative options you can focus on.

Web/Graphic Design: The demand for web & graphics design is growing rapidly both online and with print media. With the Web-based economy, web design is in high demand by internet marketing firms and Web site hosting companies. Web & graphic design is an exciting career that requires creativity and artistic talent. Web designers may specialize in Web site design, Web site update, Web site hosting or Web-based software installation.

There are many Web sites where you can register to offer your Web / graphic design freelancing services at home or abroad. Some of these Web sites allow web design freelancers to place ads for each job they apply for, while others require Web / graphic designers to go through a Web-based interview process before they can start bidding for projects.

Social Media Manager: I’m talking about become a Social Media Manager, or SMM . As WebShnuk says it is the new Digital Marketing!

The main reason more and more SMMs are popping up is because this job can be done from your home. There’s no need to go out and sit in an office, work full time or waste money on gas to drive to a job. You’ll get paid for working! What could be better than that?

All you need is a computer and internet connection to do this job. So yeah, basically a laptop and you can start your work from home as soon as today!

The job of a Social Media Manager is pretty broad because it includes different things like managing social media profiles, posting updates on them and listening to your followers. It also includes the creation of content for these profiles or company’s website, monitoring public opinions about your company and competition, answering comments on your social media profiles and replying to conversations.

Article Writing: If you are expert in the art of content then you can earn from home. Content writing job needs so many skills like SEO optimization skills, good vocabulary usage, research skills etc. Content writing is a job that actually needs you to have good English language skills and knowledge of grammar rules.

This job is like a something that takes your time and energy and the same time it gives you pleasure when you complete it with good quality.

Translation: You can as translator for earning money at home. This jobs require excellent English skills, but you also need to know other languages. Translation jobs at home are mostly an individual business, but there are some agencies that provide translation services to companies.Translation agencies offer freelance translation jobs of different types: court translator , medical translator , legal translator o technical translator . A self-employed person usually works as a translator for several translations agencies.

I usually freelance as a translator from English to Finnish or from Finnish to English. My experiences with different translation agencies have been good so far. I don’t recommend being a freelancer for just one agency because this limits your opportunities and specialities if you want to be a freelance translator.

Different websites offer translation jobs for translators like you. I’m going to list some of these sites:

1. Gengo 2. OneHourTranslation.com3. Unbabel 4. TextMaster 5. ProZ 6. TranslatorsCafe
7. Upwork 8. Fiverr 9. 10. Smartcat

Online tutor: This is another good opportunity who want to make money at home. If you have expertise in a subject, you can teach it online. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly. Online learning is available at various levels, from primary school courses up through Master’s degree programs.There are also opportunities to teach students from other countries. There are opportunities for online tuition on various online websites. You have to test your skills on these sites. Once selected, you can conduct online sessions as a webinar moderator.

You can also set up your own website and create tutorials. You might start with introductory level courses to establish your expertise in the subject area. Then, as your teaching prospects increase, you can move on to more advanced topics.

Blogging: This is another popular way to earn money at home. For this you need to create a blog site first. There are several free blog sites where you can start your own blog. You can also start blogging through your own website. You can start blogging for free on WordPress or Tumblr platforms. If you want, you can buy domain hosting yourself and start a blog. You can earn money from blogs in various ways like advertisements, Facebook instant articles, product reviews etc.