Safer Internet Day has grown over the years to become one of the most significant events on the Internet security calendars. This initiative was initiated by SafeBorders as part of a European initiative that was funded by the EU. Insafe, an online security provider for Internet users, began taking the initiative in 2008. Safer Internet Day has expanded into more than 200 countries across the continent-spanning the entire globe, reaching more than a million people worldwide.

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What is World Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day promotes safer usage by young adults worldwide. EG. Logos for Safer Internet Day 2019! Safer Internet Days (SIDs) have been a significant milestone event on the Internet security calendar.

Why is Safer Internet Day celebrated?

Safer Internet Day has been celebrated annually since 2004. During the last six years, the theme of the meeting has become the theme of better internet. The initiative focuses on making the internet safer for everyone. A Safer Internet Day promotes the protection of personal information.

When was Safer Internet Day created?

4 February 2004.

Safer Internet Day Presentations

The free Safer Web Day presentation will be provided at the secondary and post-secondary levels. This includes primary school presentations for use by the 1st and 2nd classes, three and four classes, and fifth and sixth classes. The post-primary presentation covers topics like information and the problem of fake news. How should we manage your online wellbeing and how should we communicate? All presentations are available online and can be printed and used for teaching the class in advance. Get involved. Get ideas contest. SID Snap Ambassadors.

National PTA Safer Internet Week Events

The PTA will host digital learning experiences throughout the week of 7-11 February 2022 in the hopes of teaching PTA leaders, students, and caregivers how to talk and use technology to promote kindness. Each interactive series is designed to suit a different PTA member or family member. Alternatively, you can join any session that best suits you.

Why do We use Internet?

We all use the internet for different reasons, but the one thing we all have in common is our need for privacy. Whether we’re online shopping, banking, or just checking Facebook, we want to make sure our information is safe and secure. In this article, I’m going to share with you how to surf the web privately and securely. So whether you’re a business owner looking to keep your data confidential, or just someone who wants to keep their browsing history private, read on for tips on how to stay safe online.

Does a VPN protect your browsing??

Imagine that instead of surfing the internet directly from your home computer (or other devices), you were doing it from a computer in Australia. Would you expect any of the websites you visit to be concerned with your privacy? No, VPNs help protect your identity and, more importantly, the data you send online. This is also true for app usage. A VPN will allow you to surf the web as though you were in another country and encrypt all of your online data. This way, no matter what type of device you use to access the internet or which app/service you connect with, your personal information is safe.

Is private browsing and VPN really secure?

In essence, it will do what was described in the previous paragraph. However, all VPN systems are not equal. Some only encrypt your data while it’s being transferred from your device to some other service or site on the web. This is why you can usually tell when people use a VPN, they tend to have slow internet speeds, and they only work on certain websites or apps.

These apps also usually require that you download special software to your device, which will give you the VPN capabilities. These free VPNs (or sometimes paid, but still bad/slow ones) do not hide your IP, and they usually do not encrypt all your data. Doing both of those things is essential to keeping your information private and secure.

Our Digital Lives – Guest Panel Discussions

The guest panel discussion of Safer Internet Day 2022 will feature Dr. Elaine Byrnes – researcher. It is the culmination of the 2020 SID Ambassador Training Programme online. 150 Irish school students were selected for the peer-led course as well as the opportunity to learn how to run their own online safety campaign in school and in community communities.

Share our #SID2022 plans

We can always think of the activities that make Safe Internet Day even easier! This Safer Internet Day Hub provides many tips for online security not only for Safer Internet Day but for any time throughout the year. Please remember that whatever event you may be in, you want to participate in remembering the Safer Internet Day. When you sign up you will get a free Internet Day package that contains wristbands.

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