The speed of loading pages may not be important for someone who does not care or know about it, but it is extremely important for search engine. Page Speed is now a SEO factor because Google has confirmed that page loading time are among the top factors in indicating site quality.

To make sure your website is good in this aspect, you need to keep reading this article to find out about page speed and how it can impact your website’s search engine ranking.

The faster the site, the better. If you want your website to be rank higher by the major search engines, one of the most important things for you is improving page speed . Google has confirmed that among other things, site speed is considered as a site quality factor.

Page Speed has become one of the most important aspects in SEO; and if you want to help your website be at the top of Google’s SERP, make sure that it has good page speed. It may sound like common sense, but lots of websites still load very slowly.

The more you share, the better. Webpage speed is a major factor in how many people share your website. If it takes too long to load, visitors will be less likely than not bother with sharing their experience on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter because there’s no point when the page has finished loading! Optimizing how fast your website loads can improve your site ranking and overall traffic, as more satisfied visitors stay on your site longer.

A fast website is more likely to be shared. If your site loads quickly, visitors are more likely to share it with their friends and family through Facebook or Twitter – both of which contribute positively towards SERP result.

The faster the site, the better its mobile experience. If you’re not ready for smart phones or mobile devices then your business is missing out – especially on potential customers who use their mobile devices on the go. Making your site perform well using a mobile browser not only makes it more accessible, but can improve SEO rankings as well.

The first impression lasts! Lots of new sites are creating or re-designing their websites to make them look better and more professional – but you need to remember that this is the first impression visitors will get of your business. To make sure your website leaves a good impression, ensure that it delivers a fast and smooth experience for visitors when they initially visit your site.