You can check your website speed with a number of free services, but it is important to make sure that you are using the right one for each type. You can use the Page Speed insights tool from Google. The Pingdom and GTmetrix websites also provide information on how fast pages load in comparison with other sites that are similar to yours for various factors such as size of content or number visits per day.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights: This speed checker tool is free and easy to use. It provides information about your website’s performance, like what content on the page takes up most of my rendering time or why does it take so long for this one section to load? You can also see where I am spending too much bandwidth with certain items by looking at their size compared against others in comparison charts that show you where there may be opportunities for improvements!

GTMetrix – A great way to make sure your website is always fast and responsive on all devices, the GTmetrix tool helps you check page speed. It analyzes your website and shows you the errors that you need to fix.

Pingdom Tools is a great tool for checking the speed of your website. It also tells you which elements on each page are taking longer than others, so it can be used as an optimization strategy to make changes in those areas first!