WordPress Cache Plugins

The best cache plugins for WordPress sites will help you in making your blog or website faster. When any site is loaded, it takes some time depending upon the number of files that are required to load the main page of the site.

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If you look at Google PageSpeed Insights, then it tells that most of the blogs or sites are loaded within 6-10 seconds. But every blog or site cannot load within 6-10 seconds since they have to load all types of files including images, CSS, JavaScript, etc. If you are using a good cache plugin for your WordPress site then it will definitely improve the loading speed of your site and the page speed insights score will go up by 10 points.

Here I have compiled a list of three best WordPress Cache Plugins that will help your blog in faster loading.

The top plugins given below are not only best-caching plugins but also SEO friendly and allow serving cached pages on HTTPS/SSL platforms along with GZIP compression enabled.


W3 Total Cache: This is a powerful, yet easy-to use plugin which will not only make your site faster with its impressive features but also improve SEO.

It has content delivery network (CDN) integration for reduced download times and file minification/compression to reduce the loading time on any device or browser type out there in cyberspace!

W3’s free version offers fast load speeds thanks to all these great optimizations while still offering premium quality output at full blast–allowing you ultimate control over what gets served up by their app. If those options aren’t quite enough -or if speed isn’t high among priorities-, then try their Premium PLUS plan.


WP Rocket: This is the another best WordPress caching plugin in the market. It is easy and beginner friendly.

WP Rocket has an extensive list of features: it also offers a CDN integration for free, unlike WP Super Cache which will charge you extra for this service. There’s no need to configure anything to use these features, they are available out of the box.

WP Rocket is also optimized for SEO. Using a caching plugin can affect your Search Engine rankings, that’s why optimization plays a crucial role in WP Rocket. It is compatible with most of the plugins and themes available on the market today. It also works on multisite networks meaning it will cache all your blogs at once.

WP Super Cache is a plugin for WordPress that creates a static HTML file of your blog posts and pages. It’s more efficient than simply caching with your web server.


WP Super Cache will make more requests to get data from your database, but it saves time by letting the hard drive do some of the work. A regular WP cache plugin only caches what’s in your database, which can end up being a lot less then half of the information required to create a webpage.

WP Super Cache takes all this content and writes it into files which it places in a directory you specify. Then it serves those pre-made files whenever someone visits your site instead of going through the process of generating them on the fly – giving you high performance without any loss WP Super Cache creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog.

As a result, the server will be much faster and you will save bandwidth as well. The cached/static HTML file can still be updated by the system, e.g. when new comments are published. But all of them (posts, tags, categories, etc.) can normally not be used anymore (except the post with most comments).

Install the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress and activate it.

If you want to get more visitors to your WordPress site, make sure it loads quickly. This is where a cache plugin comes in!
We’ve created this list of the top 3 caching plugins for WordPress so that you can easily find one that will work best for your site’s needs.

Which option on our list do you plan to try?